They Stole My Affiliate Commission! Could It Get Any Worse?

Affiliate Businesses Really Work?

As a struggling internet marketer myself there are few things worse than having your affiliate commissions stolen and the second one, not having a solid list to promote to. Both can be completely devastating to you and your new business if you are not wise.

Ok, so how do you fix the first problem?? In a word…Cloaking. Yep, disguising your link or really protecting your link to keep it safe. We all have special numbers, or passwords, or key items that protect us, so why not find something that protects your affiliate links safe guarding your business of promoting? I have found that if you are able to cloak your links your affiliate commissions can go up tremendously because people can’t change your id or drop off part of the URL! Imagine a super easy way to protect your commissions. No super long URLS, no worrying whether or not someone took your link out or just dropped it all together. It is there, disguised and safe and sound! Some link cloakers can cost a pretty penny too, so check to be sure it worth it. Or Check out the free one below.

Ok, so your next battle, list building. Well this one is tricky, right? You can buy lists, which just don’t work well because more than half the time they aren’t your targeted consumer, or worse you send out emails and get busted for spamming!! Or, really one of the only real options is that you put up a website in hopes of getting hundreds and thousands of visitors which will hopefully opt in to your newsletter or offer. Unfortunately, the problem with this option becomes traffic厀here do you find quality traffic that won抰 cost a fortune and bring quality visitors to your site. My thoughts here; you are looking at pay per click advertising, great SEO for your site, or other high cost marketing tactics, which can work great, but again cost a fortune.

Or maybe you don’t have a list and no idea how to get one, but just email your poor friends 100 times a day with all your affiliate programs hoping they will take pity on you and buy something? All of these methods are tough, time consuming, or are just not going to bring you the sales you need!

So where do you find lists that work? Go directly to the source… find other people just like you, looking for the same types of services and more and let them know what you’ve got. You can find these lists in the form of forums, specific communities, classified sections, or FREE programs and membership sites such as the one below that will not only help you build your list, but help you cloak your link, and yes for FREE.

Internet marketing doesn’t need to be so difficult, why make it hard on yourself. Follow a plan, protect yourself. Build your lists, and sell. Don’t get stuck in the trap. Dig yourself out now with just a few small changes and I am sure you will see great success!

All the Best!


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